Eliminate Up To 95% Of Your Processing Fees

Eliminate Up To 95% Of Your Processing Fees

Cash Discount Program

Are you looking to improve your merchant services? Journey Business Solutions offers a cash discount program for businesses, which allows you to counteract some or even all of the merchant service fees you receive for credit card transactions.

This program works to build a larger base of cash-paying customers and give incentive for credit card paying customers to switch over. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and saves you money long-term, all while still fitting within the guidelines that Visa, Mastercard, and other processors have set out.

Why choose our Cash Discount Program?

business solutions for increased revenue

Increased Revenue

Stop paying fees to credit card brands. Now you can accept cards without losing revenue.

next day funding for businesses

Next Day Funding

Batch your merchant account today, see the funds in your bank account tomorrow.

business solutions with excellent service

Exceptional Service

All our cash discount merchants enjoy our new level of service, Gold Level Care.

What are the benefits?

Reduced Fees

Our cash discount program can eliminate or reduce card-processing fees associated with credit cards accepted. After deciding not to process cards, you will not have to pay for the services.

Easier to Implement

In addition to being more accessible, the program is also easier to explain to customers. Some merchants isolate and then pay for the card processing by assessing surcharges on the products customers buy with credit or debit cards. That comes with numerous challenges.

For example, adding card-processing surcharges is illegal in many states. Implementing cash discounts, however, is legal in all states. Explaining that every item in the store is priced with built-in service fees is usually easy. The merchants can also deduct the fee easily if someone prefers cash payment.

Encourages Cash Payment

Even though most individuals prefer to utilize card payments, cash discounts incentivize them to use cash instead of debit or credit cards for all their purchases. In other words, the time between the sale and the access to funds is minimal. Such transactions do not involve wait time or processing time for the money to get on the merchant’s hand. Moreover, this helps merchants eliminate fraud exposure.

Chargebacks Reduction

After reducing the number of customers using credit cards in your store, chargebacks will also diminish. If chargebacks have been a massive problem for your store, the decrease might help you minimize the card fees you pay because you will be at a lower risk.

A Great Marketing Tool

The cash discount might be a useful marketing tool for your business that will eventually attract more customers. Getting more people inside your store should be your primary goal throughout the year. Ideally, people will get in for a single item and go out with more. Even though a 4% discount will help you cover the cost of processing your cash discount service, it will be a useful sales or marketing tool if implemented in the right way.

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Common questions.

How does it work?

Our cash discount program gives you, the merchant, the opportunity to implement a discount for your customers who pay cash. It charges a small fee to your customers who are paying with a card. Simple, easy, and at no cost to you.

Will I lose business?

Through our years of experience, we haven’t seen this issue pop up. Realistically, people are willing to pay for convenience, so a nominal fee doesn’t phase credit card buyers. You can always switch back to traditional processing, but we doubt you’ll want to.

Do I always have to charge the fee?

Charging the fee is up to your discretion. If you need to waive it for an individual customer so that you don’t lose a big or important sale, you can just pay the minimal fee for them instead. Our cash discount program is made to be business-friendly and flexible.

What type of equipment can I use?

Our cash discount program works with a wide array of credit card terminals and point of sale systems, including Paradise POS.

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