Supporting businesses regionally & nationally

Supporting businesses regionally & nationally

Who We Are

Journey Business Solutions is dedicated to helping your business grow the way you’ve always dreamed. As a trusted payment processing company, we assist small businesses nationwide by providing affordable services and guidance in the business world. We work with multiple partners to ensure that you receive the right product, price, and service for your business’ needs.

Our mission.

Formed by a group of individuals who believe in the American tradition of the small business owner, Journey’s mission is to provide you with what you need to grow. We stand with you and desire to see your business flourish. Our goal is to simplify the parts of your business that keep you from staying completely focused on the core product or service you provide.

We believe that a good name is critical to business success and we strive to do everything in our power to solve your business’ challenges. We accomplish this by listening to your needs and designing a solution that fits the unique structure of your business.

Why choose Journey Business Solutions?

As a business owner, you’re concentrated on your day-to-day operations keeping your business afloat. While credit card processing services are part of those daily operations, you shouldn’t have to focus all of your energy on avoiding chargebacks or system errors. Journey Business Solutions gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your business while we focus on the credit card processing services for you.

We believe in building a long-lasting relationship to help your business excel. Our credit card processing services will give you the means to draw in more clientele due to accepting one of the more popular forms of payment. To stick with the times and keep your business moving forward and upward, we can provide reliable payment processing services to you for an affordable price.

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Our team.

The team at Journey Business Solutions knows how to do business right and build long-lasting business relationships. With a foundation in honesty, trust, and reliability, we’re able to help you grow your business while providing the guidance you might be missing. Each of our team members is experienced, forward-thinking, and willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

Ben Brown | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

Ben Brown

President & CEO


David Hawthorne | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

David Hawthorne

Executive Leader & Co-Founder

North Texas

Kevin Kelly | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

Kevin Kelly

Executive Leader & Co-Founder

Pacific Northwest

Rick Roland | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

Rick Roland

Executive Leader & Co-Founder


Joshua Vasquez | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

Joshua Vasquez

Executive Leader & Co-Founder

San Antonio & Rio Grande Valley Region

Kimberly Smith | Journey Business Solutions | Irving, TX

Kimberley Smith

Recruiting Executive


Hannah NEW

Hannah DeFranco

Marketing Executive


Brandon NEW

Brandon Owen

Finance Executive


Kolton NEW

Kolton Pittman

Operations Manager


Hannah NEW

Terry Selkirk

Technology Executive


Supporting you in your business’ journey.

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