Simplify Your Payment Processing

Simplify Your Payment Processing

Point of Sale Systems

It can be hard to find the right point of sale system for your business. At Journey Business Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the very best POS system for everything from restaurants to retail stores, clinics, and beyond. We will work with you to find the right solution that can drive your business’ efficiency and productivity.

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Greta™ POS: Giving small businesses a competitive edge.

The Greta™ POS system is specially designed to meet the needs of businesses in the grocery, meat market, and specialty foods industries. Going beyond what typical POS systems can do, Greta™ POS allows small businesses to compete with bigger chains.

Cloud-Based Store Management

A fully-integrated, cloud-based system allows you to easily and efficiently access and keep track of your business’ files and operations.

Optimized Checkout Experience

Easy-to-use touch screens and intuitive functions ensure quick and easy convenient checkouts for your customers.

Label Printing & Scale Integration

Identify and keep track of your products with easy label printing and a reliable scale system for random weight items.

Easy Input of Timed Events

Effortlessly implement limited time specials and discounts on your products to attract more customers and sales.
Greta POS | Journey Business Solutions
Clover Station POS | Journey Business Solutions

Clover Station: An all-in-one POS system.

Clover Station is an all-in-one solution to help you manage all of your business needs. It comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer at no extra cost to you with no hidden fees.

A Display for Everyone

The large 14” display makes processing payments and managing employees easy-to-do and simply accessible.

Create Custom Orders Quickly

Adjust a menu item, add or remove optional ingredients, and automatically update the order total with ease.

Meet Your Need for Speed

Count on the Clover Station to help run your business more efficiently than ever before, with a faster CPU and more RAM. Never feel intimidated by big crowds again.

Streamline Your Order of Operations

From managing employees, completing orders, and keeping inventory, Clover Station comes with everything you need to keep your business smart.

HotSauce™: Made to serve restaurants.

From Quick Service to Table Service, Fast Bar, and Express, the many features of HotSauce™ take care of all of your business needs. HotSauce™ is built from the ground up to help your restaurant make more money, serve more customers, and run more efficiently.

Service When You Need It

HotSauce™ offers 24/7 live support, ensuring that no matter when you need help, a friendly and experienced team member is there for you.

Business Intelligence Reporting

This unique and innovative business intelligence program allows you to gather, store, and analyze all important information pertaining to your business.

Continuing Education

Training your employees well throughout their time with you is vital to running an excellent restaurant. HotSauce™ offers initial and ongoing training services.

Back Office

Understanding the importance of coordination between the front of the house and the back office, HotSauce™ Back Office configures to your needs.
Hot Sauce POS | Journey Business Solutions

Mynt: 24/7 support that feels local.

The Mynt POS System is designed to be your modern-day solution for all of your restaurant or retail establishment needs. This low-cost monthly subscription-based solution includes everything you need to get started.

Sleek Design

This stylish but durable point-of-sale system is meant to blend in. No more old-school, clunky cash registers.

Software That Stands Out

Mynt’s operating system stands out with seamless operations you won’t have to think too much about.

Order at the Table

Take tableside orders easily with Mynt’s Order at the Table option. Keep things moving with this on-the-go feature equipped with a long-lasting battery and easy-to-use interface so you can check customers out without any fuss.

Keep Your Business Organized

Search through all past sales to either perform refunds or reprint receipts. Export reports and even create graphs to see how your business is doing with the click of a button.

Mynt POS | Journey Business Solutions

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