Unique Solutions for Non-Traditional Businesses

Unique Solutions for Non-Traditional Businesses

High Risk Payment Processing

Journey Business Solutions provides high risk credit card processing solutions for those in the CBD, hemp or e-cigarette industries at a highly competitive rate. By utilizing all domestic banking, we provide fast approvals and transparent pricing with no reserves on your funding.

No more worrying about accounts being shut down due to new regulations in your industry or wondering which processing system is best for your non-traditional company. We understand the risk involved and we take that liability away through proper underwriting and honesty.

What is a high risk merchant?

risk of fraud

Greater chance of Fraud

A high risk merchant is a business whose industry is considered to have a greater likelihood of fraud and/or payment disputes.

prevent holds on disputed charges

Holds on Disputed Funds

When a chargeback occurs, it means the funds disputed are held from the business until the card issuer considers the transaction and determines what to do.

paying back lost funds

Pay Back Lost Funds

If the funds to the business are denied, a payment processor will require the merchant to make good on lost funds.

High risk industries.


CBD product sales are considered to be high risk because the industry is fairly new. CBD is federally legal; however, because CBD oil is derived and cultivated from cannabis, which is not federally legal and considerably more taboo, its affiliation with cannabis puts a business at high risk.


Hemp, like CBD, is closely affiliated with cannabis and considered high risk. Oftentimes, people conflate hemp and cannabis as being the same plant when, in fact, they are two different plants. As a result, hemp business owners struggle to find a payment processor willing to take on that risk with them. At Journey Business Solutions, we do understand the difference, and we’re willing to work with you and your business to manage that risk.


Electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as “e-cigs,” are considered high risk because of the new, changing legal focus around these products and how their safety is often put into question. (The safety of the products themselves is still being researched as an alternative to smoking.) Like CBD and hemp, e-cigarettes and vaping is a newer industry, and at Journey Business Solutions, we want to conduct an open and honest relationship with you so you can process payments and make a living.


Gun and ammo retailers are considered high risk for a number of reasons including the uncertainty of future regulations, high ticket and transaction amounts, and frequency of fraudulent sales. It is our goal at Journey Business Solutions to offer your business the services it needs to successfully process payments and grow your business even in a shifting retail and sales landscape.

Online Vape Retailers

Due to the inherent nature of the product and the difficulty in authenticating a buyer’s age online, online vape and e-cigarette retailers fall into the high risk category. Conducting open, honest relationships with retailers is our utmost priority so you can continue to grow your business and facilitate more online sales.

Online Tobacco

Regulations regarding tobacco sales can be inconsistent and the circumventing of age verification by underage buyers can result in excessive chargebacks for retailers, putting them in the high risk category. Additionally, many online tobacco retailers may also sell products commonly associated with cannabis, which furthers the risk. We understand the challenges your business faces and are here to provide you with the payment processing solutions you need.


There are a variety of reasons why Nutraceutical companies are labeled high-risk, including a higher rate of chargebacks across the industry. We understand the challenges your business faces and are here to help you find the payment processing systems you need to fulfill your online orders and build your brand.

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What to look for in a high risk payment processor.

Choose a processor that’s not afraid to help you operate your business as they would a low-risk company. Where Journey Business Solutions is concerned, you’re interested in making a living and providing a service to others just like any business owner. Regardless of the type of business, we always offer the most transparent pricing and solutions best suited for your business.

Payment Processing with High Risk Capabilities

We are in the business of providing high risk retail vendors, merchants, and more with solutions to help them process payments and operate efficiently. Our experience makes us a viable solution in assisting with your high risk payment processing needs. This kind of gateway payment requires knowledge, intuition, and experience that Journey Business Solutions can provide.

Integrating Products with Payment Processing

Don’t feel pressured to switch to a brand new processing platform and compromise your business operations just to include high risk products like CBD, hemp, and e-cigarettes. Go with a company that has the option of integrating your current system with their CBD credit card processing system seamlessly. At Journey Business Solutions, our goal is to work with you, not make you work with us.

Finding the Right Point of Sale System

Finding the Right Point of Sale System

If you are in need of a new point of sale terminal that can be paired with high-risk capabilities, Journey Business Solutions can consult you on which terminal is right for you. We don’t offer just any one system; we have a variety of systems to choose from, which can all be integrated with any existing high risk payment processing system.

Fees & Point of Sale System Abilities

Journey Business Solutions is able to provide credit card processing to you at a very competitive, traditional rate. By utilizing all domestic banking, Journey Business Solutions is able to get fast approvals and offer transparent pricing with no reserves on your funding.

Customer Support

When selecting a payment processor, it’s important to choose a company that supports you and your business no matter what. Don’t find yourself stuck with a company who will sign on with you and then leave you in the dark. Journey Business Solutions is here for you with 24/7 support.

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